The Products we Love.


At Eruan we carry and use a full line of styling and haircare products by the very best Salon brands offering  exceptional quality and value. Among many you will find these:

L'Oreal - Redken - Moroccan Oil - CHI - Clairol - Magic Sleek - Twinturbo - FIHair

All of our stylists go through extensive training from the manufacturers— meaning we are experts on what mix of products will provide fantastic results for the unique needs of your hair.

Occasionally you might see these products for sale at a drug store or supermarket, but beware! Because these products are meant to be sold only in salons, when they pop up in other retailers it either means they have been illegally diverted from an authorized seller - expired, or that the products you see are cheap knock-offs.

For safety's sake, buy only from an authorized salon retailer.